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Volume 27, Number 6

Editor-in-Chief:Selçuk Peker
Online ISSN:1019-5149
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Turkish Neurosurgery
Turkish Neurosurgery.
Vascular Variations Associated with Intracranial Aneurysms.
Tapered Flow Diverters in the Treatment of Intracranial Aneurysms.
Efficacy of Early Rehabilitation After Surgical Repair of Acute Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Outcomes After Verticalization on Days 2-5 Versus Day 12 Post-Bleeding.
Predictive Role of External Carotid Artery Vasospasm on Cerebral Ischemia After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Experimental Study.
Comparison of the Effects and Mechanism of the Curcumin with Different Drugs in Experimental Vasospasm After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.
Differences in Protein Expression between the U251 and U87 Cell Lines.
Reconstruction of Large Acquired Scalp Defects: Ten-Year Experience.
Management of Dropped Skull Flaps.
The Effects of Stereotactic Cerebroventricular Administration of Albumin, Mannitol, Hypertonic Sodium Chloride, Glycerin and Dextran in Rats with Experimental Brain Edema.
Resveratrol Treatment Prevents Hippocampal Neurodegeneration in a Rodent Model of Traumatic Brain Injury.
Television Tip Overs and Head Traumas in Childhood: Results of 36 Children from a Reference Center in Central Anatolia, Turkey.
Impact of Magnetic Field on Pressures of Programmable Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunts: An Experimental Study.
Acute Traumatic Quadriplegia in Adults: Predictors of Acute in-Hospital Mortality.
Effects of Ozone on Spinal Cord Recovery via the Wnt/ Β-Catenin Pathway Following Spinal Cord Injury in Rats.
Neuroprotective Effects of Pregabalin Against Spinal Cord Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Rats.
Effects of Topical CovaTM, Tisseel® and Adcon®Gel Application on the Development of Spinal Peridural Fibrosis: An Experimental Study in Rats.
Topical Application of Cyclosporine Reduces Epineurial Fibrosis: Gross Post- Surgical, Histopathological and Ultrastructural Analysis in a Rat Sciatic Nerve Model.
Comparison of Stabilization and Fusion Methods with Xenograft Plate Screws After Anterior Lumbar Corpectomy in Dogs.
Comparative Histopathological Evaluation of Patients with Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Idiopathic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Endoscopic Vascular Decompression in Trigeminal Neuralgia.
Turkish Contribution to Journal of Neurosurgery and Acta Neurochirurgica.
Massive Skull Base Ameloblastic Carcinoma with Intracranial Extension.
Spontaneous Spinal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage with Residual Arachnoid Cyst: A Case Report.
Brief Report: Large Fusiform Aneurysm of a Circumflex Branch of the Posterior Cerebral Artery.
Stepwise Removal of the Fused Midline Parietal Bone to Avoid Superior Sagittal Sinus Injury in Infants with Sagittal Synostosis.
Surgical Value of Neurocysticercosis.

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