Turkish Neurosurgery 1989 , Vol 1 , Num 1
This is the first edition of Turkish Neurosurgery. I want to congratulate all the members of the Turkish Neurosurgical Society for achieving another aim.

Although neurosurgery is very active in this country, unfortunately up to this times we have not participated much or played an effective role in World and European Neurosurgical Societies. With this Journal I hope, we will begin to take our place in the Neurosurgical forums of the world.

I would like to express my gratitude to the members of Administrative Council. not only for the hard work they have done and the time they have given, in spite of their heavy professional work in compiling this journal but also for the desire they have shown to create it.

The difficulties of publishing a Journal. Especially in a foreign language will be appreciated and I hope any mistakes will be forgiven. Our pages will be open to every type of high quality paper concerned with any aspect of the neurological sciences. Turkish Neurosurgery will welcome good clinical papers and presentations of clinical and laboratory research, and also suitable brief historical articles. An effort will be made to maintain a balance between these types. In order to encourage young neurosurgeons interesting case reports will be accepted, besides papers describing new neurosurgical diagnostic procedures. Operations and instruments. Letters to the editor will also be accepted. Papers submitted for publication will be circulated to referees. Editorial Board is composed of experts in all neurosurgical fields.

Initially only two issues a year will be published, but in the future, as the number of papers received increases, I hope it will be possible to have more issues.

I hope this journal will eventually gain international recognition and the Administrative Councils in the future will certainly make every effort to continue its publication.

Tunçalp ÖZGEN, MD
President of Turkish Neurosurgical
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