Turkish Neurosurgery 2014 , Vol 24 , Num 3
Anatomoradiological Identification of Intrasutural Bones for Importance of Cranial Fracture
Figen GOVSA1, Mehmet Asim OZER1, Selen BAYRAKTAROGLU2, Ekin Ozgur AKTAS3
1Ege University, School of Medicine, Departments of Anatomy, Izmir, Turkey
2Ege University, School of Medicine, Departments of Radiology, Izmir, Turkey
3Ege University, School of Medicine, Departments of Forensic Medicine, Izmir, Turkey
DOI : 10.5137/1019-5149.JTN.8380-13.2 AIM: Intrasutural bones are often found within sutures and fontanelles of the skull. It is important that the anatomy of these bones in the field of non-accidental injury with respect to medicolegal complications. Skull fracture lines are critical in their differential diagnosis, and the features of bone formations, their appearance and position give us a more definitive diagnosis.

MATERIAL and METHODS: Intrasutural bone location, its number and symmetry were investigated in totally 300 adult skulls.

RESULTS: 27 intrasutural bones were identified as interparietal (2%), preinterparietal (3%) and sutural bones (4%) were in the lambdoid sutures. It was detected that the interparietal and preparietal bones were single, and the sutural ones were in a multiple number. The sutural bones were superposed in significant structures such as sagittal sinus and sinus sigmoideus.

CONCLUSION: The ones that should be paid attention to in the differential diagnosis of the skull fracture lines are preinterparietal and interparietal bones in larger sizes. These findings prompted us to report these cases as their presence can lead to confusion in diagnosis in cases of skull fractures. Keywords : Intrasutural bone, CT, Interparietal bone, Cranial fracture, Occipital bone, Wormian bone

Corresponding author : Figen Govsa, figen.govsa@ege.edu.tr